Point of Order

Point of Order is a part-sketch, part comedy show.

An original, weekly panel show, where top comedians pretend they’re politicians
and show off their knowledge of national and world affairs – or lack thereof.

South Africa’s top comedians find themselves in a mock parliament, answering
questions and improvising around how well they know, or think they know, the
world, their country and their fellow citizens. They follow the orders of Madam
Speaker and her gavel, who rules over the Government and Opposition benches,
but above all they want to win the favour of the House – our live audience- who
will vote yay or nay to the mostly ridiculous laws they will propose.

The show is designed to feature local knowledge, ideas and jokes, in a format
that can be easily tweaked and adapted to fit different markets.
It’s a quick, fun, TV panel show that’s ready to roll.

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