Muvhango is a prime time television soap opera which centers around the lives of the royal Mukwevho family led by family patriarch and village chief Azwindini Mukwevho. The series set in the fictional rural village of Thathe and the metropolis of Johannesburg juxtaposes traditional beliefs and ways of living with the challenges of modern life in the city.

The chief who had inherited the throne with the blessing of the ancestors, rages a never ending battle to keep his throne and family together.  At his side are his royal wives Susan and Mpho, who support the chief and upholds the honor of the royal house. The power struggle never seems to end and at times the chiefs younger brother Mulalo Mukweho can be the throne biggest ally or its greatest foe. The chief’s royal maine ( i.e sangoma ) however assures good relations wth the ancestors that maintain the delicate power balance.

The power battle enters the board room with the Mukweho’s company MMC always maintaining the top spot on the corporate ladder. The battle for power is led by the chief’s niece Rendani Mukwevho, supported by the ever smooth operator and company CEO, Gugu Nkosi. The group however faces tough competition from family friend James Motsamai’s thriving firm Qalabocha Holdings.

The Tshivenda soap opera, has entertained audiences with storylines that speak directly to the African experience for over two decades and continues to attract millions of viewer ever week night at 21:00