This heart-warming, coming of 'old-age' series is a journey of re-discovery, of finding the meaning of life all over again. An impromptu road trip from Cape Town to the West Coast, Karavaan is a charming homage to the quintessential landscape, the colourful towns and what friendship really means. It is heart-warming, funny, sad, and nostalgic. Characteristically South African.

The quirky 13-part road trip dramedy is set in the Western Cape between Cape Town and Vredendal. It follows long-time friends Hennie, Renske, Gert and Marshall, travelling in Renske’s car and Hennie’s battered Karavaan, a group of ‘oldies’ facing various obstacles, impacting how they perceive life and their idea of growing old gracefully.

 Karavaan features Kurt Egelhof as Hennie, a widower who wants to live a simple, quiet life, with economic freedom, Albert Maritz as Gert Marais, a stroke survivor now living in a frail care facility, Elsabe Daneel as Renske Minnaar, an artistic, eccentric, lively, quirky, and empathetic widow who loves people and follows her own rules and Ivan Abrahams as Marshal Jones, a widower desperately clinging to the memory of his late wife; for him, death is almost something to look forward to.  Denver Vraagom plays Pretty Boy, a single Karaoke King who can’t take responsibility for anything, holding on to his fading looks.