Muvhango is a prime time television soap opera that centres around the lives of the royal Mukwevho family led by family patriarch and village chief Azwindini Mukwevho. The series set in the fictional rural village of Thathe and the metropolis of Johannesburg juxtaposes traditional beliefs and ways of living with the challenges of modern life in the city.
7de Laan is an extraordinary microcosm where good and bad, evil and wholesome characters find themselves forming part of a wholesome community where no matter what – everyone counts and everyone cares…
the tribe

‘The Tribe’ is a unique science fiction drama series that explores a world in which a pandemic leaves only teenagers on planet earth. Given COVID-19, this TV show is still as relevant as ever. In a post-apocalyptic city, children and teenagers band together in so-called tribes to survive. The young protagonists also handle typical social and personal issues of adolescence with themes encompassing peer pressure, traditions, environmental issues, and finding a place in the world.

THE TRIBE - MON & TUES @ 16:30


Angela Lansbury stars as mystery writer Jessica Fletcher, an affable, kind woman with a mind for murder. On many occasions she ventures out of her cosy home in Cabot Cove, Maine and becomes a real-life detective, using her wicked imagination and insight into the criminal mind to uncover an assortment of insidious plots. This long-running, Emmy-winning series delights as it encourages the attentive viewer to decipher the clues and join Jessica in solving the case!

In the Long Run is a British comedy-drama television series created by Idris Elba. Loosely based on Elba’s childhood, the show is set in the 1980s on the gritty, fictitious Eastbridge Estate in East London. The series follows the Easmon family; Walter (Elba), his wife Agnes (Madeline Appiah) and their 13-year-old British-born son Kobna (Sammy Kamara) who have settled in England after having arrived from Sierra Leone.

Swartwater is an Afrikaans drama series.

Featuring South Africa’s talented actors such as Antoinette Louw as Karen, Louw Venter as Francois, Wayne van Rooyen as Van Zyl, Nazli George as Dotty, Sekoati Tsubane as Gomo and Vuyelwa Mpela as Portia, season 3 of Swartwater explores the world-wide dilemma of global warming. The town is gripped by drought and the inhabitants have limited access to drinking water.

This fan favourite drama series is set in Swartwater, a fictitious town set in the Overberg. A space where interactions between different classes, races and cultures take place quite naturally. The small town becomes a microcosm of South Africa, a metaphor for our country at large; its mix of people of different backgrounds and cultures; its problems of corruption, hardship and forging new identities in an uncertain world.

The drama series follows the lives of Karen and Francois who move to Swartwater after a guilt stricken Francois accidentally shoots and kills his son.

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