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Health 2020 is a health programme.

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South Africa is in the midst of the largest public health emergency in modern history. Our new normal is a flood of information packaged as ‘important facts’—real facts, fake facts, helpful facts, irrelevant facts… This can be overwhelming and frustrating. While COVID-19 can affect and infect everyone, people with chronic health conditions are at a higher risk of becoming severely ill. In our communities, millions of people suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, tuberculosis, or HIV, to name but a few.

Many of them are currently missing out on their clinic and doctor follow-ups because of lockdown measures—and fear. This puts them at even higher risk because optimal treatment has never been more important than now to strengthen their body’s defence against the virus.

Health 2020 refocuses the attention to South Africa’s considerable health burden that has not gone away during the pandemic. In this interactive viewer-centred show, the focus is on the audience’s most burning health questions about and beyond COVID-19. Viewers can call, message, or WhatsApp: How does the virus affect my blood sugar? Do my antiretrovirals protect me from the
coronavirus? What do I need to do if I have lung tuberculosis? Health 2020 provides simple, practical, and true answers to empower South Africans to take responsibility for their health.

Health 2020 is proudly sponsored by GEMS, the medical scheme for government employees.

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