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Vutha is a brand new medical drama series.

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Vutha explores the personal journeys of medical professionals in the South African landscape; the often challenging lives that form the backdrop of their career successes and the sometimes dishonest and dubious manner in which that success is attained.

This drama series will serve as a mirror for post-apartheid South Africa in the non-political space, within the ordinary lives of South Africans – particularly in a township environment that is not the obvious Soweto. It will shine a spotlight on how 25+ years of freedom has affected life in South African society through the lives of the characters. We journey into the multi-faceted life of the Daveyton community (affectionately known as VUTHA) through the lives of the medical professionals who serve them.

Beyond the world of medicine, there is a world of love, friendship, betrayal, hope, desperation, corruption, greed and crime. Named after a fictional struggle icon who hailed from Daveyton, the Edward Dondolo Hospital is a furtive breeding ground for colourful characters, high stakes and great drama.

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