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#Karektas is a comedic variety television show.

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07:30 PM - 08:00 PM

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Hosting the show is Desmond Dube.

The show has six resident comedians -  Jovan Muthray, Josias Moleele, Nina Hastie, Tebogo Maunatlala , John Lata and Pule Welch -  on a weekly basis they are divided into two teams, lead by “Team Captains”.

Each week the respective captains get to invite a celebrity guest to be part of their team and they go head-to-head on five set challenges.  

The first challenge is a Comedy Sketch called Di Karektas. Second is Hidden Cameras where each team goes out to record tricks they play on South African citizens. This challenge is fondly named Gotcha.  Dlala Ngengoma is the third challenge where teams come up with impromptu songs with different themes they only know moments before they have to perform.
The Roast is the fourth challenge where team members get an opportunity to make fun of one another’s guest celebrity. Lastly Mawaza News is an improvisation based game where team members must quickly come up with a news report based on random pictures chosen by the opposing team.

The winning team gets bragging rights as the funniest #Karektas of the week.

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