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Hard-Hitting, powerful, informative, relevant, entertaining and compelling! An all-time favourite environmental and wild-life documentary 50/50 is back.

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South Africa’s longest running wild-life programme 50/50 is back with a new season on SABC2.

50/50 welcomes a new presenter PhilicityReeken who replaces Ntokozo Mbuli. Philicity joins Ashmund Martin, Bertus Louw and Bonne de Bod.

As the name indicates, 50/50 refers to the balance between humans and nature, and this is reflected in every episode of the show. 50/50 delivers an entertaining and informative wildlife, conservation and environmental content that encourages viewers to care about their own environment.

Season 9 of 50/50 embraces our South African lifestyle, cultural and social trends and consists of the following segments:-

• VELDFOKUS – The segment is a competition that aims to educate viewers with scientific or behavioural explanations in response to the photographs and video clips sent in by viewers. The VeldFokus competition, runs throughout the season and has monthly holiday prizes and a grand prize of a 4X4 at the end of the season.

• DOODSBENOUD - This segment originated as “Danger Files” in season 6. It interviews people who have had a close shave with nature and relates stories of encounters with wildlife or with outdoor occurrences. Any life-or-death moment at the hands of nature qualifies for “Danger Files”.  An expert is then interviewed on the events to bring awareness and understanding of how and why such encounters occur.  Events are depicted through actual recordings or re-created.

• IN ‘N NEUTEDOP (Formerly “In a nutshell”) – This is a 3-min weekly instalment of eco-news where the current topics / discussions / events in the environmental sector are summarised and imparted to the audience “in a nutshell”.  The segment is fast-paced, packaged graphically and delivers important information.

• WILDE BURE [Wild Neighbours](Formerly “Urban Critters”) – This segment explores the natural history and lifestyles of creatures that live in and amongst urban settings and with which city-dwellers interact / reside. The segment shows the creature in its urban setting utilizing infrastructure or available habitat (e.g. gardens), gives information on the critter, provides info on the threats it faces and speaks to experts as well as residents about their interaction with the species.  The segment teaches people facts about the creatures “in their own backyards”.

• WONDER WERELD  [Wonder World] (Formerly “Wildlife Wonders”) – This is a pure wildlife segment where audiences get to “sit back” and enjoy the wonders of nature. A 5050 viewer is an animal-loving person and this segment provides an opportunity to enjoy animals of varying descriptions in their natural environments.

• IN DIE SPERVUUR [In the firing line] –  This segment provides viewers with an insight into which species are endangered,  and what their biology involves, the threats to the species and the conservation efforts being employed as well as providing “why should I care” facts giving viewers something practical to do to help the cause.

Don’t miss 50/50 every Thursdays at 19:30 on SABC2.

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