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Spyskaart is an Afrikaans food, lifestyle and travel programme.

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Spyskaart takes the form of a three-course meal as its structure, a starter, main course and the dessert.

Each insert focuses on a specific ingredient, and that ingredient will then be taken from source to plate. The viewer will start with a menu, and be left with a full understanding of the main ingredient of each course at the end of the show.

If the main ingredient for the dessert is apples, then the chef will go to the orchard to find out how and where it is grown. We will explore different varieties, follow the harvesting process through to the packaging then use the ingredients to make the dish on the menu.

Spyskaart is presented by an award winning chef, Linde Karina Graaf, passionate farmer Renier Van Der Westhuizen as well as Yolani Abrahams, a qualified pastry chef.  The show travels across the country inviting local food personalities to prepare their favourite dishes with selected ingredients.

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