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Dead Gorgeous

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Dead Gorgeous is an Australian-British children's supernatural fantasy television show.

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The comical adventures of three beautiful, strong-willed teenaged sisters – who just happen to be ghosts.

It all began in 1861, when the three Ainsworth girls died in a tragic coach accident. However, as Rebecca, Sophie, and Hazel find out, death is no longer an obstacle to them. Having been granted a second shot at life by the all-mighty Ghost Council, the sisters must learn to live life to the fullest… well, as much as a dead person can.

The sisters return 150 years later to find their grand house has been turned into a private boarding school. Unable to reveal their secret, the sisters are forced to fit into the 21st century as students in the school that used to be their home.

As three refined, old fashioned young ladies, they are baffled by modern life but with the help of their ghost-guardian Agatha, and a motley selection of ghosts they must manage to survive the challenges modern culture brings.

No matter how hard they try to blend in with the crowd, Rebecca, Sophie and Hazel can’t help but stand out in a world filled with foreign objects like television, iPods, computers and boys.

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