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Pale Ya Koša is a music deconstruction documentary series.

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Pale Ya Koša that looks at classic local hits from the 70’s,80’s,90’s and early 2000’s and investigates what made them great :how they were made, the impact on their times and their lasting legacy on the country.

In each episode we look at how a hit song came out of a particular political-social context affecting the country at the time, how the artist and producers came up with the lyrics and beats, how the song was initially received and finally the lasting impact of the song beyond the time it was made.

The show features musicians, sound engineers, music executives, journalists, DJ’s and the fans of the different genres from Kwaito to hip hop, punk rock to adult contemporary, muskandi to pop in an inclusive and intergenerational way, making this the best family oriented music documentary show on television.

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