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Transito is an afrikaans drama series which tells the story of a cash-in-transit robbery gone wrong, and tracks a variety of key players as they try to get their money back.

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The story unfolds when a botched transit robbery leads to murder, drama and violence.

When a special forces soldier Francois Brink, portrayed by Stephan Ludik,  arrives at the scene of a transit robbery, five robbers and one security guard are already dead. There is another guard dying, the money chests are there, ready to be loaded. Who will know? Who will ever suspect him? If you have nothing, you have nothing to lose. But while he’s loading the seriously heavy loot onto his bakkie, someone is filming him on video. And the fun begins....

Gerard Rudolf appears as Priester, hired gunman employed by Kruger (Michelle Burgers), an abalone smuggler. Priester and Kruger had R2.5m cash in the transit vehicle and they want it back, even if it means killing everybody in the process.

Jody Abrahams plays the role of Tommy Falk, the owner of Falcon Security, the company that owns the transit vehicle.

The thorn in everybody’s flesh is detective superintendent Joseph Moroka played by Cedwyn Joel and his sidekick Halgryn (Andre Weideman) of Serious and Violent Crimes. Maroka is a methodical, patient policeman who can read a crime scene like a book.

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