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Season two of the Afrikaans drama, Swartwater, continues the intriguing storyline with deep secrets, scandals, love and much more.

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Francois is battling to come to terms with the fact that his marriage is over but Karen is adamant; It’s over!

After a short attempt to move back to Joburg he realises his home is now Swartwater but he somehow has to make it work there without Karen in his life. He puts his head down and throws himself wholeheartedly into his work; cutting himself off emotionally from anything that could distract him from his career.

Karen has washed her hands of him, trying to make a new life for herself and Amulet. Her business as interior designer is picking up and she runs herself ragged trying to be the perfect mother and sole provider for her foster daughter. While out photographing the state of the Fishermans village (it has gone somewhat to ruin since Philip’s incarceration... no one is taking responsibility for the newly branded Living Monument) she falls and injures her back.

The doctor prescribes pain killers and soon she cannot live without them. She finds herself lying to both the doctor and the new Pharmacist Gomolema (Gomo) Molefe to refi ll her prescription again and again.

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