Ramaphosa condemns fake religious leaders

Date: Feb 28, 2019

President of the Republic, Cyril Ramaphosa, has joined the nation in condemning what he calls bogus religious leaders who are not only taking advantage of gullible people but bringing religion into disrepute.

He was speaking in Cape Town where he met with young professionals and members of the general community on Wednesday.

Ramaphosa says pastor Alph Lukau’s recent claim that he raised a man from the dead is shocking.

He says it’s important for government and religious leaders to start engaging on how to tackle such issues in a meaningful way.

“How can we work together to ensure that we rid our country of bogus religious leaders who are taking our people for a ride, who are doing things that are shocking of trying to woo in the whole nation and say somebody has been raised from the dead. It is actual bringing the name of the Lord and God into disrepute, and it is actually terrible to do that,” says Ramaphosa.


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