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Date: Sep 9, 2020


After winning a land claim along the Umfolozi River, a local community in KZN approached local conservation bodies because they want to turn the land into a game reserve. The 50|50 team takes a look at the biggest project of its kind in South Africa through the eyes of the local community resident and former Ranger who’s heading up this project, Musa Mbatha.


One of the few female beekeepers in South Africa, Mokgadi Mabela owns a honey brand called Native Nosi. It’s a family-run business that specialises in selling raw honey harvested by small farmers in rural communities in Limpopo, Gauteng and Mpumalanga. The 50|50 team takes a closer look into the personal story of this beekeeper and her work.


This week in Wonderwêreld we take a look at the Golden Orb Spider and unpack some interesting facts about spiders in general.


The youth of South Africa have a lot to say when it comes to environmental issues! In the past few weeks we’ve been asking our younger viewers to send in cellphone clips of themselves telling us about their environmental causes and what they’re passionate about.


VeldFokus brings us a colourful arrangement of contributions that capture some of our country’s abundant wildlife. This week is all about the beauty in nature, with creatures of all sizes. A chameleon updates its appearance, an Abdim’s stork doesn’t deliver a baby, an Ayres’s hawk-eagle shows off its ‘landing lights’ and a moth enjoys the fruits of its labour.

Tune in this Monday at 7PM on SABC 2!


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