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Date: Aug 13, 2020

To celebrate Women’s Month, the 50|50 team visits Vere Shaba; a multi-award winning engineer and green building consultant.

Vere is absolutely passionate about high-performance green buildings that do less harm to people and to the climate and environment. Vere is a force of nature and has won multiple awards over the years, even appearing on the cover of Forbes magazine. She now runs her own company and is one of South Africa’s foremost green building consultants and circular economy strategists. In this insert we find out more about this young woman, and what drives her to want to create change.

Ants are formidable predators, found on just about every continent. They might be small, but they come with all kinds of powerful weapons. Even so, they are no match for antlions who are their mortal enemies. Antlions make cunning, deadly traps where they lie in wait for their next victims, and once an ant falls in, there’s little chance it’s ever getting out.

Pangolin’s are the world’s most trafficked mammal. This week we take a look at a short film produced by Tami Marriot who made the film after winning a grant in the N.E.W. Pitch Competition. This film highlights the plight of pangolins as seen through the eyes of one of its rescuers.

The youth of South Africa have a lot to say when it comes to environmental issues! In the past few weeks we’ve been asking our younger viewers to send in cellphone clips of themselves telling us about their environmental causes and what they’re passionate about.

VeldFokus brings us a colourful arrangement of contributions that capture some of our country’s abundant wildlife. This week VeldFokus brings us four special contributions, featuring three birds, a fiscal shrike, a heron and an African harrier hawk. There's also a female chameleon that surprises her host.

Tune in this Monday at 7PM on SABC 2!


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