SA teens en route to Cairo in own manufactured Sling plane

Date: Jul 1, 2019

A group of 20 students from U-Dream Global, a non-profit aviation outreach initiative, will attempt to fly a 4-seater Sling plane from Cape to Cairo.

SABC’s Vanessa Poonah caught up with them ahead of their journey.

The teenagers assembled the plane from a kit manufactured by the Airplane Factory and completed it in three weeks under the guidance of senior engineers.

They have already successfully completed their first trip to the southern coastal town of Lüderitz in Namibia, about 1 128km away from their lift-off location.

After Lüderitz, their next stop will be Windhoek, Victoria Falls, Likoma, Zanzibar, Arusha, Nairobi, Lalibela, Asmara, Aswan and then Cairo.

According to the U-Dream Global Tracking Cape-to-Cairo map, the teenagers’ last given location was at the Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania on Sunday morning.

Their flight plan will include stops in Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia and Botswana, on their way back.

U-Dream Global was founded in 2018 by teenager Megan Werner for young people to pursue careers in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

The group built the aircraft under the watchful eye of Airplane Factory, U-Dream mentors and Denel Aviation.

The SABC had a chance to speak to the teenagers in the making of the project and before they set for their journey across the African continent.


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