Police warn public about rise of crime during festive season

Date: Dec 21, 2018

Police have issued a warning to the public about the rise of crime during the festive season.

This after police arrested a 25-year-old man for the alleged possession of car breaking instrument and a stolen cellphone in East London.

Police spokesperson Hazel Mqala says criminals are using smart devices to break into cars to steal valuable belongings.

Police are urging people to be more careful when locking their cars with mobilisers.

Captain Mqala elaborates:

“As police officers we would like to ask community members to just make sure when they are closing, or when they are locking their cars using the mobilisers, they must double check that the car is closed or locked. Because there are people that are using a jamming device to unlock the vehicle ,and you will find that the car has not been broken into, there’s nothing that is broken, but the goods that were inside have been stolen. So we are urging and pleading with the community that they must double check when they are using these mobilisers on their vehicles so as to prevent theft from their cars.”


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