MODEL takes contestants on a holistic fashion industry journey.

Date: Dec 9, 2020

We know that it takes more than just a pretty face to make it in the fashion industry!

Over the course of ten episodes, international actress and presenter of MODEL, Christia Visser, will take us on an in-depth exploration of all the behind the scene facets of the modelling industry.

This TV series is set against the drama of local, aspiring models competing for
one International modelling contract. This series features a cast of various contestants consisting of male and female models. Each model competes to land a career enhancing and life changing modelling contract with the vision of
becoming an internationally renowned model.

All contestants are given the opportunity to shine above the rest on a multitude of platforms. Their exciting tasks and challenges are centred around elements such as strutting down catwalks, posing for top fashion photographers and appearing in a series of advertising commercials. They will be mentored and guided on their respective journeys throughout the competition by a team of
professional hairstylists, makeup artists and other influential industry executives who will assist them in creating a unique look that will enhance their personal brand qualities to prepare them for each challenge that forms a part of MODEL.

Aside from the mandatory fashion elements, a large emphasis of this contest is to empower all the contestants with the knowledge of what it takes to be a successful professional in the fashion business. Industry experts will share their wisdom on building relationships within the fashion circles, cultivating an effective work ethic and what it takes to grace international magazines and catwalks.

The models are judged by a panel including international model Pieter Black, international fashion designer and owner of De Mil Clothing, Coenraad De Mol & Kholofelo Mabusela media professional.

The show is currently on Showmax and recently aired the finale of Model Season 1 on the 4th of December 19:00 on SABC 2.

About Callie Camacho;

I am a proudly South-African, 6ft tall and blonde. I do believe blondes have more fun.....Since I was young I have always had a very competitive mindset and it has taken me on many wonderful journeys. My high school career was a big stepping stone for me and helped shape me into who I am and how I approach life today. I was in a multi cultural school with great people and it motivated me to travel and experience life outside of my comfort zone. It taught me self discipline and it taught me that nothing in life comes without hard work and a positive mindset.

The modeling industry is something I became intrigued by from a very young age mostly because of all the beautiful tall people on the runway. Becoming more involved I fell in love with the fashion and entertainment industry. It is a category of art and every step - from the design to the end product totally consumed me. I love the “behind the scenes” as much as I enjoy being
the model. The runway has given me the same rush of adrenaline and fun I always felt on the sports field and it has become a new platform for me to be competitive on and enjoy myself.

My other big love is the bush. I grew up in a conservation -conscious family with birds, animals and nature in general that played a big role in my life. As a model and an advocate for both the fashion industry and nature, I want to use my platform to create awareness as well as educate others on the impact it has on our environment. I want to be a part of an eco friendly and sustainable fashion- forward-economy.

As George Whitman once said: “All the world is my school and all humanity is my teacher. May I learn well and change the world.. One event at a time.”


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