Commemorating the Spirit of Youth…43 Years Later

Date: Jun 12, 2019

16 June 1976 is the day when South African youth stood up for a better education system, a day that fiercely imprinted the country’s collective conscience.

But most importantly, this day represents courage and strength of the youth in our country, which played a critical role in fighting and overcoming inequality and oppression in the school system engineered by apartheid regime.

The SABC will join the nation to commemorate the 43rd anniversary of the Soweto Uprising also known as June 16 National Youth Day, under the theme #OWNYOURSPACE. Commemorated every year, Youth Day is a national holiday where all South Africans come together to honour the youth that took part in the national protest that began in Soweto. 43 years later, we celebrate the strength and the legacy that the youth of 1976 left, in empowering the youth of today.

The SABC as the national public broadcaster recognises the significance of Youth Day by representing the events of 1976, through its radio and television platforms and hosting a variety of events all over the country.


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