Morning Live's 20th birthday celebration

Date: Nov 8, 2019

South Africa’s flagship morning current affairs programme Morning Live has reached a two decade milestone in 2019.

The show which is simulcast on SABC News Channel and SABC 2 is considered the longest running breakfast show in South Africa representing people from all walks of life. The show which is completely produced within the SABC carries the day's diary, market sense; socio-economic issues; science, technology, education matters; crime and courts issues; political issues; sports news; live weather and traffic reports.

Known for being a trusted daily source of information and a platform of public interest for all South Africans, Morning Live has been familiar in the lives of many citizens. It started as a magazine show on SABC 2 every morning and evolved to a current affairs programme to date and continues to provide information, education and entertainment in showcasing the creative economy of the country through countless live performances talented artists.

As it celebrates its 20th year, Morning Live intends to bring its audiences to a journey down memory lane since 1 November 1999 and showcase the incredible impact it had in the lives of South Africans by not only being the nation’s alarm clock on details on the news agenda for the day but by being a continuous reflection of our country’s democracy and its diversity through its current and credible content.

Being fully established in the digital space, Morning Live intends to go beyond its second decade as a platform for national debates and conversations among milenials and perenials; affirming its role as a citizen-centric news show, with a responsive temperament to the news and information needs of the public.


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