The SABC launches a News App

Date: Apr 12, 2019

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) today introduced a new mobile tool, the SABC News app, to expand its content distribution platforms.

The app was developed by the SABC’s News and Technology divisions, and is available from today, 12 April 2019, and ready to download from Android (Playstore) and iOS (App Store). The SABC News app provides access to daily breaking news and updates, as well as live streaming of the SABC News channel (currently available only on the DStv platform), news videos and live listening to all the 19 SABC radio stations.

The SABC is cognisant of the fact that accessibility, immediacy and audience engagement are fast becoming the essence of broadcasting. Therefore, the SABC News app will allow for greater interactivity, anytime and anywhere.

In addition, this mobile app is aimed at reaching out to a younger market and audiences beyond South Africa.

The SABC’s Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) Mr. Madoda Mxakwe said that “we are very proud to have taken yet another step in positioning the SABC within the multi-platform and multi-device broadcasting environment. Most importantly, this initiative indicates our ongoing resolve to provide a comprehensive universal news and information service and access to the South African public. As the only public service broadcaster in the country, we have an enormous task to deliver an important social service to all citizens wherever they are. The SABC News app serves as a perfect platform to reach audiences who are on the move and not only relying on traditional media platforms such TV and radio”.

In addition, the GCEO stated that “we are also very excited that this milestone comes at a time when we are about to deliver one of the country’s important events, the elections in May. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the cross-functional teams that worked tirelessly and diligently to deliver this project”.

The SABC reiterates its commitment to its mission of becoming a high-performing, financially-sustainable, digitised national public broadcaster that provides compelling informative, educational and entertaining content via all platforms.


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