SABC2 to broadcast American series Total Knock Out this June

Date: Jun 11, 2020

SABC2 has secured the rights to broadcast the popular American series TKO: Total Knock Out on Sundays at 19:30, starting 14th June 2020.

The host of the series is a renowned award winning American comedian, actor and producer Kevin Hart. Hart is known for appearing in series such as Wild ‘n Out, All of us and The Real Husbands of Hollywood.

Total Knock Out is a one-hour obstacle course competition series featuring four zones. TKO: Total Knock Out features people from all walks of life, where one player races through daunting obstacles while four other contestants are manning battle stations along the course, firing over-the-top projectiles in an attempt to knock them off and slow them down. It's a physical and funny "us versus them" scenario, with the fastest finisher winning a cash prize.

For each episode, the contestant with the fastest run time, after the TKO penalties and time capsule deductions are included and win a cash prize of $50,000, with the contestants finishing in second, third, and fourth places receiving much smaller prizes, second place gets $5,000, third place receives $2,500, fourth place earns $1,000 while fifth place $0 meaning they go away empty handed.

The five episode winners with the fastest times will compete in a "Battle Royale" for a chance to win $100,000 the runner Up will get $10,000, third place will get $5,000, fourth placer get $2,000 with last place receives $0 which they don’t have a cash prize.

The Zones:-

Zone 1 ("The Ball Blaster"): Contestants must navigate narrow ledges attached to plexiglass panels they can hold, while the battle station fires soft balls from a cannon.

Zone 2 ("The Frisboom"): Contestants must cross a narrow beam and a flexible bridge while the battle station fires large frisbee-like disks.

Zone 3 ("The Spike Launcher"): Contestants must traverse a series of moving pedestals while the battle station fires spiked cubes.

Zone 4 ("The Slammer"): Contestants must cross two spinning cylinders while the battle station releases giant sledge hammers.

In Zones 3 and 4, the projectiles are pre-aimed, and can only be released once each, while the first two zones allow the contestants to aim and fire as long as they have sufficient projectiles.

Contestants who are knocked off, or fall off, an obstacle once must attempt the obstacle again. A second fall constitutes a TKO; contestants can proceed to the next obstacle, but receive a one-minute penalty. Contestants who are judged to be intentionally trying to fail an obstacle may be given a five-minute penalty. In Zone 4, the second cylinder has a "time capsule" attached; grabbing the cylinder subtracts 90 seconds from the contestant's time.

Don’t miss TKO: Total Knock Out on Sundays at 19:30, only on SABC2.


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