Current affairs programme, Fokus, moves to a Wednesday

Date: Apr 8, 2020

As part of the launch of its new schedule, SABC2 announces that the long running Afrikaans current affairs Fokus will now be broadcast on Wednesdays at 7pm, starting on the 8th April 2020.

Presented by a renowned journalist and broadcaster Lynette Francis, Fokus has been keeping the viewers informed for more than 20 years and the show will continue doing so every Wednesday evening. Our content will be a mix of packaged inserts, live interviews, discussions and debates.  The news events  determine our choice of topics and guests.

To add to the mix Fokus producers Karin d’Orville (based in Gauteng), Keith Sayster (based in the Northern Cape) and Euline Reid (based in Gauteng) will also travel to other provinces to tell people’s stories and to cover news events as history is being made.

Karin, an experienced producer, focuses on a variety of subjects, but she likes to get her teeth into those topics that require a lot of research.

Keith, also an experienced producer, will still travel to those remote places, that hardly ever make the news, to tell the stories of these people and Euline Reid, another experienced producer, enjoys telling the people stories.

The team remains under the leadership of veteran journalist and broadcaster, Alet van Rensburg Wright. “We are looking forward to the move to a weekday as many of our viewers have complained the Sunday evening is church time. Our aim is to give a voice to those people, who don’t have a voice and to keep our leaders accountable,” says Van Rensburg Wright. “By broadcasting on Wednesdays we could also ensure that our programmes are news driven and give our viewers a more in-depth account on the news of the day.”

For more information, interview opportunities and publicity photos please contact the SABC2 PR office

Catch Fokus every Wednesday at 7pm only on SABC2


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