Speak Out is back for a new season with new presenter

Date: Jun 25, 2020

SABC 2 consumer rights show – SPEAK OUT comes back with a new season starting on Sunday, 05 July 2020 at 20h30.

The new season also brings on board a new face in the form of Tshepo “Howza” Mosese replacing Lesley Musina. The new season comes with new exciting changes, the show is moving from the original timeslot of Thursdays, 21h30 to Sundays at 20h30 with a new revamped studio look and feel brining a new vibe to the show and the new timeslot.

Speak Out, is a factual reality show on SABC 2 that assists disgruntled consumers and business owners who have been scammed, 'taken for a ride', or robbed out of their hard-earned money through poor, bad or lack of service, dishonest business practices.

The new season comprises of 52 episodes with duration of 23 minutes. The series will kick start with 13 re-versioned episodes, revisiting old cases that touched many South African lives during their broadcast and we will be engaging consumers, businesses and industry experts regarding the effects of Covid-19, how the world is changing and how we must adopt to it.

Speak Out plays the role of a ‘Consumer Watchdog’ and ensures that a fair resolution for the consumer is reached and ensures that businesses take accountability for their wrong doing and in this season we will also be dealing with businesses/service providers that have been taken for a ride by customer who don’t honor their payments after work or service was delivered leaving businesses to a halt.  Importantly the show educates consumers and small businesses owners to be more cautious and vigilant in their everyday financial dealings with the aim of creating financial savvy consumers and business owners who know their rights and responsibilities.

The current season of Speak Out will address all issues concerning money transactions from customer to business, business to business and any financial transactions between family members and friends. We follow the human story, we tell the emotional journey…We investigate, expose, educate and empower consumers and businesses.

In this season we are not only focusing on the complaint at hand but we delve deeper into understanding the emotional state and impact a consumer or small business owner has suffered through unethical financial transactions. We also expose big social financial issues which affect us daily be it directly or indirectly. Through this, we educate consumers on how different consumer organizations operate.

We deal with cases of people from different backgrounds and financial status who have gone through different lengths and strides to resolve their consumer or business complaint but still have no joy and ultimately, Speak Out becomes their last resort. Speak Out is the voice for the voiceless!

"As a presenter, I have always opted to present on shows that do more than entertain people. I love the idea of being on shows that make a difference in people's lives, such as “Big Up”, “All You Need is Love” and all other shows that I presented previously. Speak Out will give me the opportunity to tackle issue of consumer rights and dealing with businesses or suppliers who have not been paid by consumers. I relish the opportunity to be part of a programme that is a voice for the voiceless. With regards to filming the show; I look forward to continuing to meet different people and interacting with their stories and lived realities. I am learning a lot already, and foresee being challenged even more by the show. There is nowhere to hide when SPEAK OUT is around” commented Tshepo.


Recording artist, Actor, Diabetes Activist Tshepo Mosese, has been described by many in and outside of the industry as a born entertainer. With over 15 years in the media and entertainment industry, Tshepo is an actor, presenter and recording artist, affectionately known to his fans as, Howza.  

Tshepo has not only made his mark as the hot boy of Kwaito, but he is also well-known for the roles that he has portrayed in Generations, Backstage and Tshisa- where we saw him rubbing shoulders with some of the top actors in Mzansi. He recently landed the top job as the new Speak Out presenter for season 12 fighting for consumer rights and the rights of business owners.

Howza doesn’t only want to entertain his fans though; he is also keen to make a difference in people’s lives. He is a world youth Diabetes ambassador, who enjoys jetting around the country and the world sharing his story of living with type 1 Diabetes. His aim is to increase awareness about the illness, and be a positive role model for the youth. He is also currently studying Psychology as he values education.

SPEAK OUT actively communicates with South African consumers through post, e-mail, Facebook and website.

You can contact Speak Out on:
Speak Out
P.O. Box 8922
Or send a fax to 086 563 3754
You can also e-mail to and inbox on the Facebook page:  @SpeakoutonSABC2
For more information you can view the website:

Catch the new season of Speak Out presented by Tshepo “Howza” Mosese Sundays at 20h30  on SABC 2 You Belong.


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