This week on Model we meet 12 models vying for gold

Date: Oct 8, 2020

Last week Friday the 2nd of October 2020, SABC2 introduced a new reality series Model whereby 40 models competed for a spot in the top 12.

In this week’s episode we get up close and personal with the selected 12 models as they continue with their journey to become the winner in this year’s competition.


Ayanda Kunene (25)

Ayanda Kunene is from Durban in Kwazulu-Natal has had her heart set on a career in modelling from very young age. She has been flipping through her mother’s portfolio from when she was a model in her days and wishes to follow in her footsteps. Ayanda can’t think of a single aspect that she doesn’t look forward to when it comes to the process of creating a master piece from being a blank canvass, going through the process of makeup and hair, to finally hitting the runway. Ayanda’s drive and determination are what she believes sets her apart from her competitors and hopes to serve as an inspiration, as a woman of colour , to all potential models of various shapes, sizes and ethnicities that aspire to become models themselves. She lives for the job and her biggest fans which are her mother and two sisters.

Bianca (22)

She is 22 years old and refuses to have a dull moment with her exceedingly full timetable. Bianca refuses to sit still. She enjoys being a full-time second-year Psychology student and has taken to working online for a global beauty company. She spends her time modelling as well as working for South Africa’s #1 modelling search competition called “Opulent Models South Africa” as their “head scout” & head of operations. In the precious few moments, this Go-Getter has to herself, she enjoys listening to others, hearing their unique stories and is ready touse her voice for the empowerment and inspiration of those in need of upliftment, she will go far with her personal motto being, “live to inspire.

Calli (24)

Calli is an impressive 6 feet tall, fun-loving blonde with a competitive mindset and a hunger for success. The modelling industry has piqued Calli’s interest from a very young age, but she has always understood that a career in modelling won’t come her way without hard work and a positive mindset. She loves every part of the process from the end product to what goes on behind the scenes. Calli’s other big love is the bush, she truly is proudly South African, as nature has shaped who she is in many ways. Raised in an environment where nature conservation is a top priority, she has plans to use her voice and influence to educate the masses on the impact the fashion industry has on nature and wants to promote an eco-friendly “fashion forward-economy”.

Chad Payne (24)

Chad Payne is a 24-year-old Stellenbosch University student doing his Honours in BA Visual
Communication Design. He is deeply invested in the study of the humanities and design as a medium. His first introduction to the modelling industry was being discovered by chance and ended up signing with an agency that got him his first job at SA fashion week in Johannesburg. Being able to take part in the South African Fashion Week, especially while studying visual
Communication design opened up new doors of knowledge and connections with people that worked in the South African Fashion industry. When Chad isn’t studying, you can find him working on his platform called the Caboodle agency, a platform that aims to bridge the gap of
the Fashion industry’s representation of models.

Delano (31)

Straight out of Eldorado Park, Johannesburg, this 31-year-old fashion enthusiast is very excited to be part of the Ultimate Model show. Delano has finely curated and created his own style in fashion as well as styling others within the duration of his fashion career. He has taken a liking to the world of modelling from as recently as 2016 and has since then been fi ne-tuning his approach to this competitive industry. He works as “head booker” at My Friend Ned which has drawn him closer to the camera, helping him gain momentum as well as familiarity with the modelling world. Delano has recently undergone life-altering surgery leaving him visually impaired, but this has only served as a source of inspiration to him as he is more motivated than
ever to break into the industry and being living proof that it can be done against all challenges that might come across your career path as a budding top model.

Denver (25)

Born and raised in Cape Town, with a taste for various sports, Denver is no stranger to the modelling industry as he was scouted by none other than Nicky Greenwall from Twenty Model Management at a very young age. He is most proud of the fact that he shares a birthday with his idol Kim Kardashian, on the 21st of October. He has been involved in the art of dance from a tender age and has allowed his modelling career take him to new heights up until recently
where he took a step back from his career as the demand for his look had him working overtime. Now, he is back in action and ready to take the spotlight by storm.

Kevin (29)

Kevin draws his inspiration from the city that made him into the person he is today with its various
Influential and interesting characters from all walks of life, teaching him that his art is an expressive tool with which he can tell his story and make history . Kevin is competent and has a BA Honours Live Performance Degree and a BA Motion Picture Degree that qualifies him as a top-notch filmmaker and actor. Kevin is keen, creative and ready to take his audience along for the ride on his exciting and promising future career. He is a true blue South African with a love for the creative arts. Born in Johannesburg, Kevin makes a living and a name for himself as a creative entrepreneur in various fields such as acting, modelling, performing as a singer, crafting fine artist and being a relevant content creator and influencer.

Leandri (19)

A nationally recognized model with a fierce passion to serve God and a faith to be reckoned with. Leandri is humble, has the soul of a poet and tries to live her best life for the God she serves daily. She understands that life’s a journey to enjoy as well as to learn from as she goes through relatable learning curves of navigating through personal strengths and shortcomings yet to be improved on. She looks on every new day as a blessing and is currently focusing on dreaming bigger by furthering her education as well as her modelling career to that of becoming an international model, wish her luck!

Monique (2o)

Monique is a student at Stellenbosch University and in the process of completing her BA in Accounting. She’s a lighthearted treat with her refreshing smile and personal motto being that life is for living to its fullest. Skeptical about a career in modelling, she has faced her personal fears by taking on this challenge. She is seldom found outside her friend group as she is a people’s person with a love rooted deep within her heart for God. This cat-walking contestant can’t wait to share her life journey with the audience as well as her beautiful competitors and is a strong supporter of body positivity.

Pierre (24)

When Pierre isn’t busy solving a problem with creative custom s software development, you can find him enjoying a good book or passing time with his guitar . His biggest dream, in whatever he does, is to simply have a positive impact on those who he gets to work with . With such a meaningful outlook on life we are sure that this newcomer will go far. The P in “Pierre” stands for positivity as it is his transcending characteristic that shines through in every challenge he takes on. He’s a hardworking father and a big believer in personal growth when it comes to his personal and professional life.

Red (28)

This artist lives and breathes for his passion of either creating or being in spaces of art. He believes that his modelling career enables him to be at the forefront of producing content that represents the environment he is in. Red actively seeks out individuals who share his ideology of having a transcending impact across all industries promoting growth and good energy. According to Red, his idols are Jerry Lorenzo and Rich Mnisi. When this model takes a break from his work, he can be found in search of his kryptonite which often comes in the form of a sugary
snack to satisfy his sweet tooth.

Tayla (17)

Bubbly, outgoing and a heart filled with wanderlust, this schoolgirl has done her homework when it comes to her career in modelling. Tayla is a walking, talking reminder to those around her that the future belongs to our youth. She has big plans for furthering her modelling career in the years to come with her eye on landing a contract with Victoria’s Secret and even bigger plans for South Africa when she returns a success. When Tayla isn’t working for local designers in Durban, she can be found formulating her future plans of helping the less fortunate by renovating outdated classrooms of schoolchildren as she has done recently in Nepal.

Keep safe and don’t miss MODEL. Make room for more reality every Friday at 19:00, only on SABC2.


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