SABC2 adds Touched By An Angel to daytime programming

Date: Jun 25, 2020

SABC2 hypes up its daytime offering by adding Touched by An Angel to its 14:00 slot.

Touched by An Angel starts on Monday 29th June 2020.

Touched by An Angel is a light-hearted classic drama starring  Roma Downey as Monica, Della Reese as Tess, Charles Rocket as Adam, Jeff Olson as Jerry, Linda Hart as Christine Morrow, Wendy Phillips as Ruth Ann/ Amy Russel and Mark Metcalf as Nick Morrow.

The series is about an angel that comes into people's lives to provide inspiration when circumstances bring them to crossroads.

In the debut episode, the angel Monica (Downey) is excited at being promoted to the job of
caseworker, a notch up from search and rescue missions, which finally gives her the chance to be seen by humans. Her first assignment is to stay close to David (guest star T.J. Lowther), a 10-year-old who initially appears to be a runaway, riding alone on a bus in the desert and pilfering tips from a pit stop waitress. Monica soon discovers that David and his father, a police detective who works day and night, are trying to put their lives together following the death of his infant sister, an event which caused his mother (guest star Linda Hart) to run away from them. David, who spends a lot of time alone, is desperately trying to find her by taking bus trips to nearby small towns.

Monica takes a job as David's nanny. Although she's been warned by Tess (Reese), her angel
supervisor, to toe the mark and just do as she's instructed, Monica can't resist the impulse to take off and try to locate the boy's mother herself. Tess attempts to bring Monica back to her senses, without success, and winds up filling in for her instead. Monica's search takes her to an isolated desert restaurant where she thinks she's hit pay dirt

For more information and publicity images please call the SABC2 PR office.

Stay tuned to Touched by An Angel weekdays at 14:00 only on SABC2.


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