SABC 2 to broadcast Afrikaans drama Roer Jou Voete

Date: Mar 14, 2019

'Roer Jou Voete’ tells the story of Dillon Pretorius, a talented but wayward show dancer in his mid-20’s, struggling to come to terms with the guilt of his father’s death.

When a nasty drug lord comes looking for his money, Dillon is forced to flee to the one place he believes no one will find him, his father’s dance club situated in the heart of a Karoo mining town called Verloren. The plan is to sell the club, pay off his debt and get his dance career back on track.

Unfortunately, what should have been the perfect place to hide becomes the perfect place to die. While trying to remain hidden, he heats up the town: Bumping heads with the local Sheriff; a shifty Latino Dancer; the Town Pastor and his father’s ex-lover. He also stumbles onto the secrets of his family’s past.

As luck would have it, he makes a dangerous new enemy in the ruthless Town Mayor, who wants to steal his birthright, thus opening up the opportunity to frack Verloren into oblivion. To stop this from happening, he must right the wrongs of the past.


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