Brand new music show, Pale Ya Kosa, premieres on SABC2

Date: Oct 2, 2019

SABC 2 brings its viewers a tale of a song with a new music documentary series called Pale Ya Koša premiering on Friday, 04 October 2019 at 19h30.

Pale Ya Koša is the story of how a single song entrenched itself into the hearts and minds of music lovers and helped them create and share an experience that has (or will) last them a lifetime. The format driven by a witty narrator a cheeky music lover’s attitude.

This music documentary series owes its roots to the vastness of the personal moments, thoughts and experiences that we each harbor about specific songs. It harnesses and creates a collective narrative that allows everyone from the artists, to fellow musicians to radio DJs, music journalists, researchers and music lovers standings to zero out their social levels to and become one, even just for a moment.

Each episode of the format will be anchored by a single character that drives the narrative from beginning to end. They will be flanked by other stakeholders that have intimate details of key moments.

“Music has the power to unite us as a people and with the current dispensation that we find ourselves in  now, we feel as the National Broadcaster we have a mandate to play a part in ensuring that we do our bit in the social cohesion we trying to enforce as a country. Leveraging on our collective memories and experience of our musical heritage via popular music whether it be bubblegum hits, kwaito hits, hip hop hits or even house music hits. We have an exciting line-up and we feel the flow works better starting with more contemporary nostalgia alternating it with older nostalgia, that also promotes inter-generational dialogues, and we trust that our viewers will enjoy this music documentary driven series” said Thabang Phetla – Commissioning Editor


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