7de Laan adds novice actor Duane Williams to its cast

Date: Oct 26, 2017

7de Laan is passionate about education and giving the youth opportunities to grow and develop news skills.

This year we decided to create internship opportunities for young inexperienced actors.

Duane Williams is a talented artist who forms part of our internship programme for Series 19. His character “Vernon” made his debut on screen on Thursday 19 October 2017.

Duane Williams, a performer from Cape Town first found his path in the arts when he started doing drama during his early high school days. His passion grew as he extended into dance; trained, competed and worked professionally among many local artists, dancers and actors.

Duane has been exposed to many international dance films, working as a core dancer in Universal films "Honey 3" in 2015 and "Bring It on 6" in 2016, as well as Warner Brother film "A Cinderella Story". As such, he is definitely no stranger to the camera.

The character Vernon is first introduced to the viewers when he marches into the boutique with his stylish outfit and vibrant personality. He has a keen eye for colour and fashion. He is a typical fashionista and knows all about the latest trends. This character will quickly become a familiar face in Hillside and in the hearts of our fans.

With his sights set on breaking into the acting industry, locally and internationally, Duane is excited to begin his new journey as Vernon on 7de Laan.


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