African languages to be offered at all schools

Date: Sep 25, 2019

President Cyril Ramaphosa says government is working to ensure that African languages are offered at all schools in the country

He was addressing Heritage Day celebrations in Upington, in the Northern Cape.

South Africa is celebrating local literary classics and indigenous languages this public holiday – and emphasizing the importance of the nation being united in its diversity.

President Ramaphosa says government is working to offer bursaries to those at tertiary level who want to major in African languages.

“We are actively working to develop lexicography and terminology development units and offer bursary schemes to students who want to major in a number of African languages. We are actively working to make sure that African languages are offered in all our schools. We want all our 23 000 schools to offer an African language. Our Parliament has also been asked to elevate sign language to the status of the official language,” explains the President.

President Ramaphosa has also promised to give support to the /Nuu language school in Upington.


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