New dramas Melody and The Riviera debut this April

Date: Mar 24, 2020

As part of the launch of its new schedule and in an endeavour to expand the drama and comedy offering to a broader Afrikaans demographic.

SABC2 makes room for more drama as it launches two brand new series in Melody and The Riviera;  ground-breaking shows both shot and set in the Western Cape.

Melody, is a story about a young and talented penny-whistler from Athlone who uses music as a form of escapism from her impoverished background and abusive father. When she gets an opportunity to audition for a music scholarship, will she stand up against her tyrannical father and follow her dreams?

The Riviera, is a dramedy that explores the complexities of growing up in Cape Town during the 1980’s. The series is set in the year 1989 around the experiences of a 12-year-old Muslim girl, Riana Isaacs, growing up on the Cape Flats. While the country and the world are in dramatic upheaval, Riana innocently sets out to achieve her own personal milestones.

“SABC2 is very excited to bring these two dramas to our audiences; stories about people and places not often seen nor heard on our screens. The channel is especially proud of the fact that both dramas have a great balance between established actors and new talent that viewers will fall in love with,” says SABC2’s Channel Head, Gerhard Pretorius.

Catch Melody on Tuesdays on 07 April and The Riviera on Wednesday 08 April, both at 19h30.”

Meet The Cast




Kim Bowers


Aya Ngobo

Junior – Melody’s brother

Riedwaan Damon


Moeniel Jacobs


Faldela Brown

Mrs Fredericks

Aeesha Petersen








Keenan Arrison

Naz Isaacs

Kelly Damon

Riana Isaacs

Abdul Abrahams

Reza Isaacs

Margie Pankhurst

Ma B





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