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Date: Jul 28, 2020


In February 2020 the City of Cape Town published coastal water quality readings. The results confirmed that the amount of untreated or barely treated sewage being discharged into Cape Town’s oceans has overloaded their capacity to process. Not only that, but we appear to be putting more and more chemicals into the water without a thought as to where they go. Kia Johnson goes into the field to find out more.

This week we meet Ndabuko Ntuli, a remarkable artist who uses trash to make works of art from trash which he collects in the street. His masterful works of art are showcased in prestigious art galleries.

This week we take a look at the day in the life of a dung beetle, one of nature’s smaller creatures - with a dirty, but very important job in the ecosystem!

The youth of South Africa have a lot to say when it comes to environmental issues! In the past few weeks we’ve been asking our younger viewers to send in cellphone clips of themselves telling us about their environmental causes and what they’re passionate about.

VeldFokus brings us a colourful arrangement of contributions that capture some of our country’s abundant wildlife. This week we take a look at some cute entries, including what could be nature’s answer to a squeaky toy. We also take a look at some photographs that will give you the creeps!

We also announce the winner of the Veldfokus competition for July. This lucky entrant receives the monthly prize of R5000 and is now in line for the grand prize of R75000 at the end of the season!
Tune in this Monday at 7PM on SABC 2!


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