7de Laan welcomes new actor Jacques de Silva to the soapie

Date: Feb 18, 2021

There’s a new businessman in Hillside.

Join us in welcoming Jacques de Silva to the 7de Laan cast. Jacques will portray the role of Denzil Jonker.

About Denzil Jonker

Denzil is a self-made businessman who is a recent divorcee. He moves to Hillside in search of new opportunities in hopes of masking a painful past. Denzil is confident and assertive, as a businessman should be and Hillsiders quickly pick up on this. However, not many take kindly to it when his good intentions are misunderstood and he scores himself the brunt of his rivals shortly after his arrival. Denzil has an air about him that commands respect, viewers will empathise with the character as it unfolds, he will make friends but as any Hillside resident would attest, fitting in is not as easy as it may seem- especially when there are secrets to be uncovered.

About Jacques de Silva

Jacques is a drama alumnus of Rhodes University who hails from “The Windy City”- Port Elizabeth. He is a devoted husband and father of 2 beautiful young girls. Jacques is a talented theatre-maker, actor, director and teacher specialising in physical theatre and mime. He teaches mime and physical theatre at the Market Theatre Laboratory which he is passionate about, his hobbies include watching national sports, meditation and self-care.
Jacques has worked extensively in theatre and can be seen in Grassroots and High Rollers amongst other television shows.

Jacque’s first encounter with 7de Laan was at the National Arts Festival, 15 years ago when he met Jacques Blignaut who portrays the role of Vince Meintjies. “He was kind, welcoming and encouraging. I’ve come full circle having had my first scenes on 7de Laan with him” says Jacques.

“I’m really happy to be here. As an actor, we’re always looking to play, to enjoy ourselves and for me that happens when I’m challenged by a character, style or format and 7de Laan is offering me the best kinds of challenges to sink my teeth into”, concludes Jacques.

Kindly join us in warmly welcoming Jacques de Silva to the 7de Laan family who makes his debut on 5 February 2021. Season 22 holds unmissable storylines for his character, Denzil Jonker.


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