Bone of my Bones back for a new season

Date: Apr 8, 2020

The second season of SABC 2 enthralling, and exciting drama series BONE OF MY BONES starts on Thursday, 09 April 2020 at 21h30

In this new season we see new familiar faces in the form of Motlatsi Mafatshe who replaces Aubrey Poo to play the role of Karabo and Simphiwe Ngema who will play Ruth.

Simphiwe Ngema joins the team and plays the role of Ruth - She is a music producer who used to go to high school with everyone in the story. She comes back from working overseas for the last decade and settles in with her friends Thembi and Keitumetsi. Before she went overseas, she used to date Kgotso back in high school.

In the last episode of Season One - there are three different versions of the truth regarding the night in question, who does Detective Maswanganyi believe. With Thembi having crossed the line by placing a hit on Neo, how do they move forward because battle lines have been crossed and Karabo is caught in the cross fire. Keitumetse wakes up in Thabiso’s bed, what does this mean for Kgotso who is meant to be ordained as the senior pastor in a week’s time? With all of this happening Karabo manages to convince his wife Thembi and friend Neo to go confess everything to detective Maswanganyi while Matome also feels cornered and he decides to take the matters to himself by going to Maswanganyi to present his side of the story in an attempt to save his own skin, but when he arrives there he finds that Kgotso, Neo, Karabo and Thembi are already there, surrounding the lifeless body of detective Maswanganyi that is hanging from the roof.

In the first episode of season 2, we begin with a direct pick up from detective Maswanganyi’s house where his body hangs from the roof and the boys have since called the cops to the scene. What everyone wants to know is who could have killed the cop and Matome surprises everyone by naming Mokau as the killer, supported by Thembi as a witness to that fact. While everyone is shocked at this startling accusation; Kgotso is adamant there must be a mistake because he believes Mokau is not a killer, Neo wants to believe that Mokau is guilty while Karabo is on top of the fence not sure what to believe. We also find out that Thembi has taken the liberty of firing TJ as a producer for Karabo and hired Ruth instead. While everyone is still trying to come to terms with accusations levelled against Mokau, he finds himself being arrested for a murder that he professes to not know anything about.  


This series chronicles around a group of four male friends who have been friends from childhood into adulthood. We follow these men as they struggle with the mundane of everyday life and their relationships with strong-willed and opinionated women who refuse to have their voices suppressed. Through these couples we unpack what it means to love a person and what they’re willing to do to show that love, and how they triumph or fail through challenges presented in their relationships and in the lives? This is a series that aims to unpack relationships while sticking to the core of drama, and that is telling authentic stories that will entertain, resonate and educate.

“The series is controlled by a universal theme: LOVE. From the first season things got heated up and the friendship between these high school buddies was put to the test. Some shocking truths are about to be revealed in season 2. In this season the friendship between the boys is put to the test while their relationships with their partners also go through the fire. We also welcome a few faces notably Motlatsi Mafatshe (who replaces Aubrey Poo) and Simphiwe Ngema to spice things up. If you thought season one had all the ingredients of a thrilling drama, wait until you see Season 2 “Said, NZB Majola Ka Masuku – Executive Producer.


Kgotso Solomon Sebothoma
Karabo Aubrey Poo (replaced by Motlatsi Mafatshe)
Neo Kgaugelo Mosomane
Mokau Kabelo Moalusi

Thabiso Batsile Ramasodi

BONE OF MY BONES is produced by Sothar Pictures.


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